When building a house special attention should certainly be given to the design of the roof, as well as with the walls and the foundation of it is the most important part of any structure. In addition to basic protective function, it is of great aesthetic value to the exterior of the building as a whole, emphasizing and logically completing his general style. In this regard, the choice of design and materials of the roof, from which it is made must be treated very seriously.

Thanks to the development of modern production technologies was made possible and quite affordable manufacturing of cases of various elements of the exterior of buildings on the original draft, which allowed to implement the most ambitious design ideas. A striking example of this, for example, serve as a roof, made in accordance with the canons of fashion nowadays Eastern philosophy – Feng Shui. Consider a particular embodiment of this trend in practice.

Note that a special role in feng shui is given the form of a roof. For example, the ideal is a round, which is the symbol of infinity. Roof pagoda, in turn, symbolizes heaven, the smooth curved edges that provide a flow of positive energy, and sharp corners block any negative impact from the outside. In addition, this roof provides good protection from the wind. The pyramidal roof is the same, the angles of which are focused on four main areas of the world, and under the arch of which stores a powerful energy potential, favorable for productive employment creation. A symmetric top in the shape of an equilateral triangle guarantees continued success and good luck in all activities and undertakings. Along with this, according to feng shui in the design of the roof should be avoided undulating forms, as they symbolize the decline at the end of each path, as well as a roof dent type, which seemed to divide the house into two parts. In the latter case, the house will accumulate negative energy, which would adversely affect the relationship between household and climate within the family as a whole. It should be noted that the application of such production technologies, such as metal bending services for the creation of the original roof profile of various shapes can run on any roof design projects.

In Eastern philosophy, in addition, special attention is paid not only form but also content. Therefore, when designing the roof of Feng Shui should be very careful approach to material selection. Particular preference is given in this case the tiles. The fact that this material represents the Earth and thereby provides a reliable support person, but also ensures its unity with the world.

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